Oxbo Wine and Juice Grape Harvesters

Oxbo wine and juice grape harvesters continue the legacy of the Korvan brand in the vineyard: American Made harvesters that deliver high quality fruit with an eye on in-field productivity and long product life. Oxbo offer the following dedicated grape harvesters:

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Oxbo 3009XL
  • Narrow harvester width / picks 5-foot rows
  • Tight turning radius
  • New extended catching area
Oxbo 3016XL
  • High capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Tight turning radius
Oxbo 3209XL
  • Ideal for GDC
  • Wide picking tunnel
  • New extended catching area
Oxbo 3216XL
  • Wide trellis harvester
  • Bow rod picking system
  • High capacity
Oxbo 316XL
  • Tow-behind grape harvester
  • High capacity
Oxbo 6220
  • Trunk Shaker
  • High capacity harvester
  • Industry leading cleaning system
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