Oxbo 3009XL Grape Harvester

Oxbo builds on the legacy of the Korvan brand with the 3000 Series, which continues to earn the trust of growers around the world to deliver the highest quality fruit. The 3000 Series has achieved the staus of a highly trusted grape harvester through high capacity bucket conveyance, dependable, industry.

NEW! The Oxbo 3009XL now features an extended catching area for increased harvesting speed. The 3009XL still delivers the narrow overall width to fit in 5-foot spaced rows, 24-inches of lift, and a tight turning radius.


High capacity buckets: High Quality materials for long life and designs to maintain fruit quality as the fruit is moved through the machine.

Soft-touch bow rod picking system: Proven soft-touch bow rod system providing optimum fruit removal while minimizing vine or fruit damage.

Backed by a commitment to in-field product support and readily available parts: The 3000 series is backed by over 50 years of Oxbo experience in designing, engineering, building and support niche market harvesting solutions. Oxbo / Midwest Grower Supply stands behind every harvester with readily parts and in-field service support. The commitment ensures reliable harvester performance season after season.


Features and Benifits

  1. Soft-touch bow rod system: Thoroughly removes fruit while minimizing juicing, easily customize your pick with hydraulic head spread
  2. Low mounted Engine: delivers easy maintenance, excellent stability, and reliable performance
  3. Bucket conveyonce system: Durable buckets gently carry your fruit, not drag it, to deliver more clean, whole fruit
  4. Three fan cleaning system: Proven effective at removing debris by removing M.O.G. at transition spots
  5. Center mounted cab: Not available on the 3009XL; only available on the 3016XL
  6. High quality fruit: The oxbo 3000 Series delivers high quality grapes for wine, juice, and raisins
Length: 16ft 11in (5.16M)
Width: 9ft 6in (2.9m)
Minimum Height: 11ft 9in (3.58m)
Lift: 24in (0.61m)
Tunnel Dimensions
Tunnel Width: 2ft 6in (0.61m)
Minimum Tunnel Height: 6ft 6in (1.98m)
Maximum Tunnel Height: 8ft 6in (2.59m)
Front Size: 360/70R20
Standard Rear Tires: 420/70R28
Engine: Tier III, 100hp turbo charged John Deere 4045
Ground Drive
Motors: Sauer 46cc
Torque Hubs: Fairfield W5 rear
Hydraulics: Sauer 75cc pump
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